Semi-auto mask welding machine

Model:FW series 02


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face mask earloop welding machine can weld various types of masks(flat mask.N95 folding mask Cup type mask) ear band to meet the needs flat mask, folding mask,cup type mask,etc Ear loop welding is the last processing step of th

Product Details
Ultrasonic semi-auto mask making welding machine is used to continue to weld nonwoven band and earloop at the both sides of the mask blank body for completing a mask by ultrasonic systems. One sets of semi-auto face mask welding machine can weld various types of masks (flat mask. N95 folding mask. Cup type mask) ear band to meet the needs: flat mask, folding mask, cup type mask, etc. Ear loop welding is the last processing step of the production of inner ear masks. Only one operator to operate this machine.
What is semi-auto mask ear-loop welding machine?
1.Automatic feeding of ear belt, automatic cutting off of ear belt,manual loading and unloading the face mask.
2.Mask ear-loop welding machine specially designed for mask earband spot welding,it can with single head design or double head design via the output demand.with high production efficiency, simple operation, stable quality and so on.
3.Free combination, flexible configuration, easy control, solve the problems that one-to-two mask machine high cost, long delivery time, hard adjustment, low output, limited application, etc.  This semi-auto mask welding machine is easy control, low failure rate, no need to maintain!

     To build a mask production line, at first you need to confirm which type mask you want to produce and then to confirm the mask production line solution, if you don't know which type solution is best for your invest budget or your output,and don't know how to do the budget for mask production cost.
     Please click here Mask production line solution, you will know how to choose the best mask production system for your factory. 
 If you want to know the budget to build the face mask masking line, Please inquiry our ASCEN engineer team.
Main Feature:
1, the new machine head design, small and beautiful. Good line of sight and ergonomic.
2, the new ultrasonic generator electric box design, automatic tracking, intelligent protection, stable performance.
3. 20KHz supersonic system is quieter, to meet all types of earband welding requirements.
4, pneumatic components, reliable quality, long service life.

Click here Face Mask Making Machine,you can see the video showing what is the full automation unmanned manufacturing face mask mass production line. If you want to know the budget to build the face mask masking line, Please inquiry our ASCEN engineer team.
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Face Mask Spot Welding Machin
ultrasonic ear loop welding machine
Name ASCEN semi-auto mask ear-loop welding machine
Model FW series 02
Function blank mask to earloop mask
 Mask size 175*95mm
Capacity 12-16 pcs/min
Machine size 1300mm(L)*560mm(W)*1100mm(H)
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