Solder dross recovery system

Solder dross separator recycle system



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this small tin slag solder recycling machine and solder dross separation system can according to the size and space of the wave soldering furnace, it can be directly installed in the limited area next to the wave soldering furnace.

Product Details
A09F model solder dross separation system is an endeavor in reverting and recycling the oxides which occur during working of a Wave Soldering Machine in order to reduce production cost, create a greener environment and assist the quality process.

Tin slag solder recycling machine A09F model is a small type slag solder separator, most of SMT process factory will choose this one for save more their workshop space, it can install beside to the wave soldering machine,when the wave soldering machine output the solder,the operator can manual directly place the solder into the slag solder separator for processing. most of time, this A10MS model can process 50-60kg slag solder in 8 hours.this model with easy operation and can built-in installlation to wave soldering machine,also can independent installation with the moving car. it can keep the clean environment and that is very popullar in the dust-free workshope of SMT factory.  

Use special stirring system to melt the tin residues in the tin container and separate tin and ash in the separation container by the high speed of screw rotation.
Solder dross separator characteristic:
1.Highly effective recycling of the solder waste, up to 90% yield .
2.No need to add any chemicals or reducers to the process uses physical separation to ensure a good quality product.
3.Button controls, digital temperature control sheet, accurate temperature control.
4.All-stainless steel tank, clean convenience.
5.316 grade stainless  mixing bowl with an 10kg capacity with heating power for complete mixing.
6.Dross automatic feeding system, automatic feed screw.
7.Electronic liquid level alarm, manually put tin.
8.Automatic separation of tin and tin ash, into the tin and tin-ash collection device.
9.Small size, light weight, move convenience.
10.Independent smoke filtration system (Optional).

Please go this video link SMT solder dross recovery system for check the machine how to operation.

SMT solder dross recovery system technical parameters
Item (Parameter)
Mixing motor 1φ 220V 90W
Mixing Heating Power 1.6KW
Mixing Capacity of Bottom Tin 10KG
Temperature Scope 0-350℃
Heating-up time 50MIN
Feeding time Continuous3-4kg/15min
Electrical box size
Totol Power Consumption 1.8KW
Normal running power 0.4KW
Power 1φ220V 50Hz
Net Weight Appro*100kg

solder dross separation system
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