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The Solder Smoke Filter use to clear away solder smoke in the welding assembly line

Product Details
The Solder Smoke Filter use to clear away solder smoke in the welding assembly line

Solder Smoke Filter Feature:
1. Mainly for welding soldering fume assimilate, solder pot extractor, laser engraving cutting, and other production line.
2. The purification rate against 300nm pollutions is 99%.
3. Multi layer filtration and rapid purification
4. Noise reduction design,quiet operation.
5. Metal body structure,strong and durable.
6. High-quality alloy fan achieves great suction power.

solder fume extractor
Solder Smoke Filter

Product Description (calculate according to 8 hours every day)
1st Layer: 
Primary efficiency filtration cotton: 365*180*25(mm)
Replacement period: 1-2 week
2nd Layer: 
Medium efficiency filtration cotton: 385*205*87(mm)
Replacement period: 2-3 month
3rd Layer: 
High Efficiency filtration cotton: 385*205*87(mm)
Replacement period: 3-6 month
4rd Layer: 
Activated carbon filter element: 285*205*87mm
Replacement period: 6-8 month
We can configure different filter element as you need.
Solder Smoke Filter Detail Images
Control Panel and Remote Control
Smoke Extraction Equipment

Different ducts and nozzles for option
ASCEN Solder fume Extractor

Fume Extractor

Smoke Extraction Equipment




Model   (Solder fume Extractor ) XS200                            
Filter layer4 4
Air inlet interface Φ75mm *2 flange
Voltage AC 110-220V
Power 200W
Max. No-load Speed(r/min) 4500
Negative Pressure 2200Pa
Speed/Load 23m/s
Filtering effect 0.3μm99.97%
Noise <60dB
Flow 235m³/h
Dimensions(L*W*H) 420*245*400mm
Weight 16Kg

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