Description : 
Stacked tube feeder,horizontal tube feeder,SMT DIP component tube feeder can output the component one by one and holds them so that the robot can pick them up.component tube feeder also can use to connect the Fuji SMT component insertion machine for automated pick and place.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team developed all kinds of stacked tube feeder for the customer required and provide efficient,stable SMT automation assembly equipment and optimal prodution solution.

It include Cutting radial feeder,  Axial tape feeder,  Radial tape feeder,  SMT tray feeder,  Multiple tray feeder ,   SMT tube feeder , Horizontal stacked tube feeders , vibratory bowl feeder ,  Multi track vibratory bowl feeder  

Please click above to check the different specification that you want. or contact us for assistance determining which component feeder work best for your application.professional solution allows ASCEN to offer whole customized equipment at a discount to customers to ensure that they receive the best deal possible.