Description : 
This Automatic medical face mask machine is mainly used for flat mask automatic forming.It includes Loading rack, forming unit, hemming, two ear band welding unit. The entire roll of fabric is unrolled and driven by rollers.The fabric is automatically folded, and the nose bridge is rolled and unwound. It is cut to length and then introduced into the edged fabric, and then sealed by ultrasonic side welding.Both sides are sealed by ultrasonic welding. After the knife is cut and formed, it is connected to the station, and the mask is conveyed to the melting point of the two mask earbands through the assembly line.After the earbands are cut and then ultrasonically welded, the mask is finally formed and conveyed to the flat belt line for collection.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team design full automation face mask making machine to satisfy for face mask mass production,the face mask equipment use for producing the disposable type face mask,medical face mask,N95 cup mask,medical surgical mask.

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