Fully auto N95 Respirator folded mask making machine FFP2 cup mask maker is a fully automated production equipment for cup folding masks,which is completed automatically from raw materials (3-6 layers) to finished product output.The N95 mask manufacturing machine uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3~5 layers PP non-woven fabric,activated carbon and filter material,and then uses ultrasonic technology to cut out the folding mask body,and has automatic mechanism to realize automatic welding ear band and other advanced technology.Depending on the raw materials used,the masks produced can meet different standards such as FFP1、FFP2、N95. Ear loop is comfortable,no pressure;the filter effect of mask filter layer is good;and also perfectly fit face type.Suitable for cutting off the virus,and also construction,mining and other high pollution industries.

This is the standard N95 respirator folded cup mask making machine for fully automated manufacturing the earloop style N95 mask,if you factary need produce the headband style head mounted N95 mask,please click here 
Head mounted N95 mask making machine to learn more about the headband style head monuted N95 folding mask making solution.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team design full automation face mask making machine to satisfy for face mask mass production,the face mask equipment use for producing 3-ply face mask,medical face mask,N95 cup mask,medical surgical mask.

Please click here Fully automatic N95 mask making machine to check the equipment specification ,or click here: Mask manufacturing machine to see all kinds of mask making machine operation video, if you don't know how to choose the maks making equipment for your mask sample,please sent your mask sample to ASCEN team.we will provide you a completely mask production solution.