This high speed medical FFP3 N95 folding mask making machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of folding masks,see the above operation video of semi automatic N95 mask making machine,it including the following processes:coil, buried nose clip,ultrasonic welding roll forming,folding,ultrasonic welding sealing,roll cutting forming, the entire process Fully automated,This automatic N95 mask making machine without the earloop welding process,The mask production rate of masks is 80 pieces/min and above,and the pass rate is over 98%,which can more than double the production efficiency of similar.If you choose this N95 fold mask making machine solution,you can choose the mask welding machine that you want for welding process. If your N95 folding mask is the head mounted N95 medical mask,you must need choose this semi automatic solution.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team design full automation face mask making machine to satisfy for face mask mass production,the face mask equipment use for producing 3-ply face mask,medical face mask,N95 cup mask,medical surgical mask.

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