N95 cup mask covering making machine and cup mask outer layer making machine use for making the cup mask with the covering like 3M 1860 N95 respirator,some of cup mask and respirator with the covering as the outer layer.your cup mask production line need add one set of the cup mask outer layer making machine.it can automatic feeding,folding,welding and cutting the non-woven fabric to be the cup mask outer layer.and then go to the next step for further welding with the cotton forming layer.

3M 1860 respirator covering making machine
N95 cup mask covering making machine

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

The more different type N95 cup mask making machine produce the 3M respirator,dust filter mask,medical N95 cup mask,please click here to check the other style mask making machine that you want: N95 cup mask making machinecup mask outer layer machinecup mask welding cutting machineultrasonic welding machinenose clip welding machineultrasonic plastic welding machinecup Mask Valve Welding Machinerespirator valve punching machineCup mask Head Loop Welding Machinehead loop cup mask stapling machine , N95 cup mask printing machine

ASCEN team design different style of cup mask making machine solution for different type N95 respirator,3M 1860 respirator,8210 cup mask filter mask,N95 dust mask respirator,dust filter mask.

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Please see the following our cup style mask sample produced by our mask making machine. If you want to know the budget to build the cup mask production line, Please sent us your cup mask sample picture you want produce and inquiry our ASCEN engineer team(Email: info@ascen.ltd).
Cup respirator face mask making machine