This ASCEN headband style head mounted N95 mask automatic welding machine is the customized model for our Europe  customer,It is use for quickly automatic welding the N95 mask and use the ultrasonic welding unit.This headband mounted N95 mask welding machine is to put wide elastic belt on the both sides of the face mask blank by the ultrasonic welding.Only one operator is needed to put the face mask blank on the moving belt one by one and the finished face mask will be made by the machine can connect to the N95 mask making machine to be the fully automatic N95 production line.
1, High speed and good strength
2, Low cost, clean and pollution-free, do not damage the object as well.
3, Welding process is stable, the welding parameters can be adjusted to achieve effect.
4, Track and monitor through software system.
5, Easy to troubleshoot and maintain, improve production efficiency much.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team design full automation face mask making machine to satisfy for face mask mass production,the face mask equipment use for producing 3-ply face mask,medical face mask,N95 cup mask,medical surgical mask.

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