This is a surgical mask making machine manual for feeding and adjusting,tell you how to load 3 ply mask fabrics to ASCEN surgical mask making production line and how to solve when 3 ply mask making machine get the fault. How to adjust the fabrics material for the automatic medical mask machine 

surgical mask making machine manual
Total 3 way to load or feeding the fabrics mask material 
1)Paste the remaining 3 ply fabrics material by adhesive tape
Most of beginner operator can use this way to load the material,if the first time to install the medical mask production line,the Manufacturer will retain some material in the equipment,the beginner operator can use the adhesive tape to paste your material and the retain material together.and then start run the mask making machine until the new 3 ply fabrics material transfer in normal.and then to finish the mask making equipment feeding
2)Loading 3 ply fabrics material one by one
This feeding way suitable for broken one type material and quickly loading the material, this is quickly loading way for the 3 ply fabrics material.when the 3 ply fabrics into the mask making machine,check 3 ply fabrics material on the mask that whether skew or deflection until the 3 ply material is ok. Otherwise, need adjust the fabrics material reel position on the feeder. 
Please check the following detail operation video.

3)Loading 3 ply mask fabrics material at same time
If your surgical mask making equipment no any material retain,you must need to load this 3 layer fabrics material is not easy to use this way to load the mask material,it need spend long time to do the adjustment,so advise avoid come to this.
Please check the following detail operation fact,you will find ASCEN surgical mask production line is easy to learn using.

If you want know more about manual for the surgical mask making machine fault solve and adjustment,please contact ASCEN team.