Cup styles N95 mask making machine also named Cup style mask production line,it include Cup style N95 Mask production equipment,Cup mask Outer Membrane Machine(optional),cup stype mask welding and cutting Machine and some cup mask after process making machine,like the Nose Clip Welding Machine,Head Loop Welding Machine or earloop welding machine,cup stype mask nailing machine,Cup stype mask printing machine and so on. 
cup mask making machine
N95 cup mask making machine

The above N95 cup mask sample can optional the design with the valve and without the valve,The Nose wire of N95 respirator can choose the Aluminum material or the plastic material,The loop wire of these N95 filter mask can choose the ear loop design or the head loop design, the loop wire installation way can choose the stapling assembly or the welding assembly, the N95 cup style mask material has different material layer design.because the N95 dust mask respirator has different material and different assembly way,the Cup styles mask making machine production line will have some different. 

 Please check the following some detail for ASCEN Semi automatic cup style mask production line
1)Cup style mask making machine for forming 
This machine can do the forming for multiple pieces of cup styles mask at one time,it can do the different forming design according your cup mask requirement.Our above cup style mask  forming include 4 layer material, A layer is inner cotton and 2 piece of B layer melt blown fabric,C layer is the outer PP spunbond,after the forming process,the cup style mask making machine can output 5 piece of cup at one time.if your N95 cup mask shape is different with our respirator mask sample,ASCEN team can help you make a customized mould and let your cup style mask be the shape that you want.

Cup styles N95 mask production line

Please click here to check the cup mask making machine technical specification

2)Cup styles mask ultrasonic welding cutting machine   
After the above N95 cup style mask forming machine processing,you need use the cutting knife to separate these 5 pieces of cup and then to next step.and start do the welding and cutting processing by the ultrasonic mask welding cutting machine. 
Different cup style mask comprise different layer,it depend on your demand.the cup style mask forming material include the hot air cotton,melt blown fabric,rubber and so on.
Surgical cup shape Mask forming machine
N95 cup mask ultrasonic sealing cutting machine

Please click here to check the Surgical cup mask ultrasonic welding cutting machine technical specification 

3)Cup style mask nose clip welding machine   
The above N95 cup mask respirators use the aluminum rod as the nose clip,cup style mask production line need choose metal nose clip welding machine,please refer the following operation video:

4)N95 Cup style mask valve welding machine
 (If the N95 cup style mask without the valve,please go to the next process)
Please refer following ultrasonic plastic welding machine operation:

5)N95 cup mask ultrasonic spot welding machine for headband loop or ear loop
N95 cup mask ultrasonic ear loop welding machine

6)Cup style mask making equipment logo printing machine

Most of N95 cup mask making production line include above total 6 set of mask making machine,this cup style mask production line solution suitable for most of valved N95 cup style mask.ASCEN team design different cup mask making machine solution for different type N95 respirator, 3M respirator,8210 cup mask filter mask,N95 dust mask respirator,dust filter mask.
Please see the following our cup style mask sample produced by our mask making machine.
N95 respirator production line machine

Click here Face Mask making Machine, you can see the video showing all kinds of mask production line equipment operation. If you still have other question about making the mask, Please sent us the mask sample picture you want produce and inquiry our ASCEN engineer team Email: