This circle blade PCB separator can quickly and economically separate the long PCBs and the aluminum/FR4 PCB panel,with an upper circular blade and a lower linear blade.this is the PCB depanenling machine operating manual to tell you how to adjust and use the PCB depanelizer in a good way.This PCB depaneling machine is easy to operate and can be used without training.PCB depaneling length is 0 to 1200mm and 0 to 360mm (cutting length can be customized),blade height slight adjustment in 0 to 2mm, platform height adjustable in 0 to 50mm,to fit PCB of different thickness,and solve the problem of different V-slot depth.PCB depanalizers with double protection,if the safety line is exceeded,the PCB separator machine will stop.

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1.The blade distance is entered on the pcb separation equipment operating panel and its adjustment is motor-powered.PCB separator can be used for PCBs are FR4 and aluminium.
2.Up to eight programs can be stored.
3.The continuously adjustable separation length is set with limit switches.
4.The accumulated cutting performance is displayed for the purpose of scheduling preventive maintenance of the blade
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

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