PCB separator from ASCEN that depaneling the V-score boards in the principle of non-bending stress,The PCB depaneler's knives are adjustable both in axial and radial.ASC-900 PCB separator depaneling adjustment processing according V score line.and without stressing the boards,circuits,or components.ASCEN desktop version PCB depaneling equipment with good cost performance,it can quickly separate the whole PCB panel at one times.it is very popular to use for the LED light manufacturing production line and PCBA processing SMT line.one sets of this PCB depaneling machine almost can cover the whole output of your factory.

Sometime ASCEN's customer no provide the PCB sample for testing before delivery.in order to keep ASCEN's customer can operate this PCB depaneling machine correctly,Once you receive ASCEN's depaneling machine,please check the following video and use your PCB sample do some adjustment for the depaneling machine.

After know how to adjust your depaneling machine,and then please click here ASC-900 model PCB depaneling equipment how to replace the knife or cutting more different type PCB board.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology 

Model: ASC-900 model( desktop version)

This PCB depaneling equipment has the on-line PCB depaneling version,please click here online PCB depaneling machine to check how build a fully automation PCB separation handling production line.

ASCEN company has the good after -sales service,each customer can know how to use our equipment to ensure you have a good using experience.

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