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Automatic pouch pillow type mask packing machine is not only can used for medical flat mask packing and N95/FPP2 mask packaging.It adopts stepless high speed,continuous full-automatic operation.

Product Details
Automatic Mask packing machine is suitable for simple-grain hot pillow type packing of medical mask and N95/FPP2 mask,It adopts stepless high speed,continuous full-automatic operation. Advanced structure,stable running and convenient adjustment. Its equipped with photoelectric eye to track color index automatically,and it has preponderances of a reliable and accurate orientation. Low noise and good performance. mask packed by this kind of machine will be characterized on beautiful shapes,strong sealing performance,good sanitation qualification and long preserved time,so the machine is pillow type packing equipment that packing speed is the quickest at present. 
Main Feature:
1) Programmable control:
It adopts PLC programmable controller to make running of the whole machine programmed.
2) Electronic touch display:
The information of the speed of machine,the set bag-length and the actual bag-length and the packing output will be clearly displayed on the screen of the touch display.
3) Automatic regulating of bag-length:
The alternation of the packing length can directly set through the touch display.It is very convenient and quick since manuall operation isunecessary.
4) Two-way compensating of color code detection:
Photoelectric detecting sensor to detect the color code and can conduct automatic tracking through PLC computer program combined with two-way compensating mechanism,thus making the colorcode detection quick and accurate.
5) Four-group automatic temperature control:
Every heating part adopts the temperature controller to automatically control temperature,thus improving the quality of sealing.
6) Servo automatic feeder
It can set the number of blisters on the PLC.

Please check the following video for the 
hot pillow type packing machine use for the medical mask and the N95 mask :

medical mask packing machine


Model Multi-function Pillow Type Packaging Machine
Packing speed 35-120 bags/min
Width of film 100-600mm
Making bag size L 180-500; W 50-240; H 10-100 (mm)
Total power 3.6KW
Power supply 1 Ph. 220V, 50/60Hz
Machine size L4200*W1200*H1750
Net weight 800kg

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