PCB NG PCB board buffer conveyor machine from ASCEN allows PCB printed circuit board manufacturers to easilly isolate bad or reject PCB boards from PCB inspection production line,PCB board rejection is based on up-line process input, typically provided by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems.The NG reject PCB conveyor can provide the NG reject inspect modes and pass through modes,Maximum can buffer 5 pieces of NG PCB board continuously without stopping.
* With Microcomputer PLC control system, stable and reliable work.
* High quality ESD conveyor belt for longest lifetime, easy to replace.
* NG reject conveyor length could be customized to 0.5 meter, 0.8 meter,1.0 meters etc.
* Steel frame, static painted surface,smoothest and stablest operation
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology co.,ltd
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