This is the SMEMA port connect principle,no matter PCB magazine loader or unloader equipment,or the PCB turn conveyor/PCB flip conveyor/the standard PCB conveyor and so on,they all include the SMEMA port for the signal connection.
SMEMA port connect the next machine via the relay,when the output port and the 0V are connected,the relay let the input port and the 0V connect of next machine,and then the next machine receive the feedback signal of the front machine.ASCEN team developed all kinds of PCB conveyor equipment and PCB loader unloader for the customer required and provide efficient,stable SMT automation assembly equipment,it include PCB conveyor,PCB loader unloader,PCB buffer,SMT insertion customized feeder,pcb conformal coating machine,automatic optical inspection system,solder paste inspection machine,axial lead former.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology co.,ltd
This more detail specification please click here to see detail link: PCB turn conveyor, PCB flip conveyor, PCB reject conveyor, PCB loader unloader, PCB depaneling machine, SMT surface mounting inserter feeder and so on