Customized the wave pallet recycle system that choose PCB up down lifting machine and fixture return conveyor/traverser are one of the most common solution for PCB fixture recycling return in PCB wave soldering THT production.wave solder pallet recycle system is suitable for all kinds of wave soldering work pallet loading production line,the work jig lifting machine connect to the chain conveyor and the flat belt conveyor,the wave pallet or the fixture can return back to front side of production line by automatically traverser is suitable for dual insertion conveyor,can transport the pallet to the same direction and feed into wave soldering can achieve PCB panel or pallet automatic return to the assembly station and without any manual carry.
Customized wave solder PCB fixture/pallet recycle line Application:
Wave pallet return conveyors
PCB board input from front machine(left side),the PCB need be assembled by 2 kinds of different wave fixture in the manual/robot assembly station.after the fixture pass the wave soldering process and into the fixture robot/manual disassemble station,the double fixture return by the wave pallet recycle conveyor and the PCB lifting conveyor.this wave solder pallet recycle system application is very popular in the smart factory.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology co.,ltd
Once you confirm need customized this wave solder pallet return conveyor system for your DIP production line or manual component insertion line,please let us know your wave solder machine size drawing and location map of your whole production line ,and your pallet size drawing or your processing requirement. 
ASCEN designs and manufactures assembly tooling and the assembly tooling return conveyor solution such as wave pallet conveyor,Dip pallet chain returned conveyor,assembly fixture recycle conveyor used in the electronics assembly and manufacturing processes.the design based on wave soldering machine and customer requirement,return pallet to beginning side of THT/DIP production line

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