1)PCB magazine loader is used at the starting of the SMT production line for loading of PCBA to the line. and the multi PCB Magazine unloader is used at the end of the SMT line for unloading of PCBA from the production line.

2) When you build the automatic PCB assembly line, you need the PCB loader and PCB unloader for connect to your line for loading and unloader PCB. 

3) According different requirement for your PCB process, The PCB magazine loader&unloader has multi type, expect the standard PCB size, ASCEN factory also customized to some large PCB unloader&loader that PCB width to 500mm and longer length, such as the PCB magazine loader&unloader use for the long LED panel, some factory require the Mini PCB loader to connect the PCB solder paste printer for save more space, some factory require need the L shape PCB loader and unloader for space more operate space in the workshop, some factory need the combined PCB magazine loader with the vacuum suction function for loading bare board and the PCBA.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology