PCB Chain conveyor and PCB custom transport equipment for SMT assembly line

PCB Chain conveyor and PCB custom transport equipment can be used for SMT assembly production line for visual inspection,manual assembly,and PCB buffering functions.This PCB industrial conveyor install pin type cycle chain,There are huge advantage to use for the PCB coating production line and don't easy to get stuck when the PCB conveyor rail stick to glue.and still can support up to Max.6kg weight PCB panel,This customized ASCEN PCB transport can support the PCB width automatic adjustment and double move direction changeover,also can support be controlled the stop or run by the the extended device system,and better to use in the PCB inspection application.

PCB conveyor advantage is with the short length,which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limited. The conveyor rail can adjust as your PCB width using screwball.covered with a green ESD surface & Made by aluminum Soldering Metal Plate, it gives a professional looking.
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology
This more detail specification please go to check this link for PCB custom conveyor