Item:PCB buffer conveyor PCB reflow oven inspection transport machine

This is the PCB conveyor before reflow oven,This is the customized PCB transport machine that use for connect to the reflow oven,The PCB inspection printed circuit board conveyor has the speed automatic attenuation function,when the PCB panel move to the entrance of reflow oven,the PCB panel will rapid deceleration until the speed same as the reflow oven.Use this PCB conveyor to connect the reflow oven or other special equipment,this PCB conveyor can let the PCB panel keep the same separation distance after into the reflow oven.

The standard PCB conveyor or PCB inspection conveyor can 
used for SMT assembly production line for visual inspection, manual assembly,and PCB buffering functions.Their advantage is with the short length, which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limited.The conveyor rail can adjust as your PCB width using screwball.covered with a green ESD surface & Made by aluminum Soldering Metal Plate,it gives a professional looking.

If you need more customized PCB conveyor equipment use for connect different equipment,please email to ASCEN team.
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology co.,ltd
This more PCB conveyor function detail video please go to check this link for PCB conveyor equipment