If your 3 ply surgical mask making machine no any material retain,you must need to load this 3 layer fabrics material again.it is not easy to use this way to load the mask material,it need spend long time to do the adjustment,so advise avoid come to this.

How to adjust 3 ply meidcal mask making machine for surgical mask,how to solve fault for surgical mask production line,how to set up the mask material for auto 3 ply mask making equipment.Please check the following detail operation video.in fact,you will find ASCEN surgical mask production line is easy to learn using.

The above video just one part manual for the medical mask making production line,The more tutorial for how to load material for ASCEN surgical mask making machine,please Click here Surgical Mask Making Machine Manual

More question about how to use the mask making equipment and please contact ASCEN team by email.