Adjustment and troubleshooting fault solve of 3 ply mask making ultrasonic welding machine  

ASCEN team tell you how to adjust the surgical mask ultrasonic welding machine and how solve mask machine production line operation troubleshooting.The common failures are as follows:

1,Mask welding loose or no arrival normal tension.
1)Check the fixed nut of ultrasonic machine mold whether loose,at the meantime check both side fixed nut whether not at the same level.
2)Check the ultrasonic welding device power whether too large or too small.
3)Check the cylinder of welding head whether loose.

2,Ear line welding failure
1)The ear line very soft,very easy to skew when be clamp by the finger devise,so check the case whether is the iindividual case,if not,we need adjust.
2)Check the mask piece whether has the nose clip in the welding area,If so,the problem from the bad mask blank.
3)Check the ear line whether break away from the welding area,If no any welding trail on the mean ear line break away from the welding area.need check the scissor whether on the correct cutting position.or check the finger of 
mask machine clamp ear line,it is possible that the fingers aren't holding the ear line properly.
4)Check the ear line whether not completely be touched by the welding head,if so,please adjust the finger ratation angle.  
5)The 3 ply mask welding machine require the mask piece has the high flatness,otherwise,the machine easy to get stuck by the bad mask pieces.

3,About the machine maintaining
Because this 3 ply mask making ultrasonic welding machine with high speed running,the mask welding machine vibration is very big.If machine continuous working,please check the machine screw whether loose in each 4 hours,especially check the pulley screws and motor setting screw,shaft setting screw and so on.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

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