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PCB lift gate conveyor is used to allow passage across the SMT line when required.The lowering gate conveyor operates the lowering or lifting of the gate conveyor by the push buttons, PCB lifting conveyor is fitted with safety sensors

Product Details
PCB lift gate conveyor is placed in the middle of SMT line, and it allows the operator to pass through the SMT assembly line without interrupting PCB flow.PCB lowering gate conveyor system is consisted of a special shuttle moving conveyor to pick up PCB boards from upstream machine, and transfer it to the downstream machine when there is no people request to go through this SMT line, and a special switch is to open the passage distance for the people who the switch is pressed.  
* Omron /Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system with LED touch screen control, easy to operate.
*Cylinder assisted lifting motion and pneumatic locking device installed to enhance safety.
* Swift and smooth retraction/extension of conveyor (frequency inverter controller).
* PCB telescopic conveyor has the following features: sound-light alarm when fault occurs, automatic fault diagnosis.
* Additional built-in buffer zone.
* Lowering & lifting of the gate conveyor is done by push buttons
*550mm passage way, or specify
* With ESD belt for telescopic conveyor and variable speed control.
* With stable width adjustment device (manual screw control or width automatic adjustment selectable ).
* CE certified
Item Scope of application
Model number(lowering gate type) HY-460conveyor
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1100*1000*1200mm
Cycle Time About 20s
PCB Width (50*50)-(500*390mm)
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm(or customized)
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
Belt type ESD belt
Power Consumption 0.4KW
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ or customized available
Control method LCD screen+PLC
Cycle time Approx.6 second
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
Weight Approx.240Kg
Note: We can customized the PCB lowering gate conveyor with bigger PCB board width for your automatic LED/PCB intelligent assembly line

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