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full auto PCB screen printer Model SE700 is a very accurate fully automatic SMT stencil printer.This full auto PCB screen printing machine with Image and optical system,the PCB alignment and printing process will be fully automatic

Product Details
The full auto PCB screen printer model SE700 is a very accurate fully automatic SMT stencil printer. It includes a powerful AT-align automatic fiducial finding and PCB board offset adjustment system. After pressing the start key, the PCB alignment and printing process will be fully automatic, which is very suitable for precision batch printing.
Applicable PCB types: LCD TV, STB, LED, family cinema, vehicle electronics. besides general electronics products.

If you want the fully auto PCB screen printer how to work on the line, Please click here automatic PCB solder paste printing machine printing the PCB board

1.Special high precision manual adjustment lifting platform structure is simple and reliable, low cost, easy to manually adjust, you can quickly achieve different thickness of the PCB board PIN pin height adjustment.
2. This full auto PCB screen printer with Image and optical system.The new optical path system - uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light, with all the brightness can be adjusted to the brightness, so that all types of Mark points can be a very good identification (including the rugged Mark Point), to adapt to tin, copper, gold, spray tin, FPC, and other types of different colors of the PCB.
3. Scraper printing system Slide type scraper system to improve operational stability and extend service life
4. Cleaning system, a new type of wipes to ensure full contact with the steel mesh, increase the type of vacuum suction to ensure the elimination of residual pores in the mesh, the real effective automatic cleaning function: dry and wet three cleaning mode, the software is free Set the cleaning mode and the length of the cleaning paper
5. Stable steel mesh fixed structure
6. PCB screen printing machine with perfect 2D detection system



  Model GSE

Screen frame
 Min.Size(mm) 370*370
 Max.Size(mm) 737*737
 Mask Clamping  Air Cylinder
PCB  Min.Size(LxW mm) 50*50
 Max.Size(LxW mm) 400*340
 Thickness(mm) 0.4~6
 Max.Weight 3kg
Bottom PCB Height 15mm
PCB Clamping Type Patented over the top clamping/side clamping
 PCB Support Magnetic Pin /SupportBlock/ manual Up-down table  

 Conveyor Stage    One stage
Transport Direction L-R/R-L/L-L/R-R
Conveyor width adjustment  Auto

Squeegee Type Rubber/steel Squeegee Blade(Angle 45°/55°/60°)
 Auto.Pressure Control 0.5~10Kg 
 Length L=280
 Speed 10~200mm/sec
 Moving Direction
Y-axis direction
Accuracy  Repeated Accuracy ±0.01mm
 Printing Accuracy  ±0.025mm

Printing time
         Cycle Time(Excluding Printing and Cleaning time) <8 sec 

Fiducial Mark
 Type Standard shape fiducial point,
Customize the image
 Size 0.5~4mm
 Mark Number 2 or 4 mark
fiducial point positioning system
Mark Searching  Auto

 Separation Type Normal/Vacuum
 Speed 0~20mm/s
 Distance 0~20mm

Cleaning System
Cleaning Type (reinforced vacuum absorption,dry ,wet, vacuum three modes)
 Cleaning Head Wear-resistant material
 Moving Direction Y-axis direction

Product Changing Time
 Product changeover <3 mins 
 New Product Set up <5 mins

 Operation System Windows XP /Win7
Air Supply 4~6 Kgf/cm2
 Power Supply AC:220±10%,
 Weight 1000Kg
Diemnsion(LxWxH mm) 1158*1362*1463mm
Splicing Size(mm) /
2D Inspection FOV Camera 8*6mm
 Inspection Paste defficient,missing,bridge 
 Inspection Size Abouve 0.3mm 
 Max.Teaching Windows Up to 500 image can be displayed
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