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Full automation LED panel solder paste SMT stencil printer mainly for led tube light PCB large production solution,P15 model AUTO PCB screen printer provides fast, high-precision printing LED panels and other applications. Fully automatic p

Product Details
Full automation LED panel solder paste SMT stencil printer mainly for led tube light PCB large production solutions,Catering to customers’ ultra-long PCB printing demand, P15 model is the ideal printer that serves long LED Tube PCB up to 1.5m length. The 2D paste inspection function is able to detect insufficient paste, bridging and other defects. Like all our other machines, P15 undergoes numerous stringent tests to certify its capability.

P15 model AUTO PCB screen printer provides fast, high-precision printing  LED panels and other applications. Fully automatic production transports the board from the loader, automatically aligns the PCB to the stencil, lowers the stencil, and prints solder paste onto the pads at a programmable speed and pressure. The stencil then lifts up from the board—also at a programmable speed—and the board is transported upline to the next processing step. P15 model 's unique clamping device prevents flexible boards from bending. The vacuum table holding fixture ensures that PCBs lay flat. The table moves to align the PCB to the stencil. 

If you want to know the fully auto SMT stencil printer how to work on the line, Please click here automatic PCB solder paste printing machine printing the PCB board
Product features:
▲Automatic visual alignment system;
▲Multi-functional image processing system;
▲Unique scraper self-adaptive system; 
▲Dripping automatic cleaning system; 
▲Smart transmission system;
▲Early warning for maintenance; 
▲Printing parameter intelligent module; 
▲User-friendly operation interface;
Technical Parameter
Screen Frames Min size 720*300mm
Max size 1800*750mm
Thickness 12-40mm
PCB Max size 1500L*350mmW
PCB Min size 80L*50mmW
PCB Thickness 0.8-6mm
PCB Warpage Max.PCB diagonal line 1%
Transport Height 900+/-40mm
Transport Direction L to R / R to L /L to L/R to R
Transport Speed 1500mm/s(max) and program control
Transport way One stage
Conveyor width adjustment Auto adjust
I/O interface SMEMA
PCB location Support system Magnetic PIN/Support Block/Manual UP-Down table
Clamping system side clamping /Vacuum Nozzle
Print head Two independent motorised print heads
Squeegee Pressure 0.5-15kg (program control)
Print Speed 10-200mm/ sec
Squeegee Type Rubber/steel Squeegee Blade(Angle 45°/55°/60°)
Print Mode One/twice printing
Cleaning System Drops of rain type cleaning device, dry,wet,vacuum three modes
CCD FOV 8*6mm
Machine adjustment X: +/-10mm, Y:+/-10mm,
Vision system Look Up/ Down Optics Structure/CCD/ Geometry Pattern-match
Control Method PC control
Machine Dimensions 1600L*1550*1550mm, 1500kg
Machine Specifications:
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.015mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.03mm
Cycle Time <15sec
Operating system Windows XP
Product Changeover Old Process:<5mins    
New Process set up :<8mins
Air supply   4-6kgf/cm2
Power supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ,2.5KW
Control Method PC Control
Machine Dimensions 2570(L)*1210(W)*1509(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx: 1800KG

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