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SMT PCB Solder Paste Screen Printer for SMT is needed to screen print solder paste onto the printed circuit board (PCB) before placement of surface mount components (SMD) for Reflow Soldering.

Product Details
SMT PCB Solder Paste Screen Printer for SMT is needed to screen print solder paste onto the printed circuit board (PCB) before placement of surface mount components (SMD) for Reflow Soldering.
Solder Paste Screen Printer for SMT have been widely used by Top electronic companies in and the PCB industry for screen solder mask.


1. Automatic PCB solder paste screen printer with pecial manual lifting platform is simple and reliable structure, low cost, easy to manually adjust, you can quickly achieve different thickness of the PCB board PIN pin height adjustment.
2. Image and optical system:Using uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light,with promise brightness adjustment function,then all type of Mark points can be well recognized (including the rugged Mark points),applicable for tin plating, coppering,gold plating,FPC and other types of PCB with different colors.
3. Cleaning system:dry cleaning,wet cleaning,vacuum,which can be combined to use cleaning system, a new type of wipes to ensure full contact with the steel mesh, increase the type of vacuum suction to ensure the elimination of residual pores in the mesh, the real effective automatic cleaning function: dry and wet three cleaning mode, the software is free Set the cleaning mode and the length of the cleaning paper
4. Scraper system: Slide type scraper system to improve operational stability and extend service life
5. Friendly Chinese/English operation interface and Steady steel net fixing structure
6. High adaptability steel mesh frame mounting system.
7. 2D paste printing quality test and analysis
How does the PCB solder paste printer machine work?
Semi-automatic pcb solder paste printer machine: simple operation, fast printing speed, simple structure, the disadvantage is less control of printing process parameters, printing centering accuracy is not high, solder paste release is poor, generally applicable to 0603 (inch) above components, pins PCB printing process with a pitch greater than 1.27mm.
Fully automatic PCB solder paste printing machine: high printing centering accuracy, good solder paste release effect, and stable printing process, suitable for printing with fine pitch components. The disadvantage is high maintenance cost and high requirements for the operator's knowledge level.
Solder paste and patch glue are all thixotropic and sticky. When the smt printer scraper moves forward at a certain speed and angle, it exerts a certain pressure on the solder paste, pushing the solder paste to roll before the scraper, and generating the pressure required to inject the solder paste into the mesh or the drain hole;The sticky friction of the solder paste causes the solder paste to produce a shear at the intersection of the smc printing machine scraper and the mesh plate. The shear force reduces the viscosity of the solder paste and facilitates smooth injection of the solder paste into the template opening or the drain hole. Scraper speed, squeegee pressure, angle between the squeegee and the stencil, and the viscosity of the solder paste all have certain restrictions, so only by properly controlling these parameters can the solder paste quality be guaranteed.
Technical Parameter
Screen Frames Min size 737*737mm
Max size 1100*850mm
Thickness 12-40mm
PCB Max size  850L*510mmW
PCB Min size  100L*65mmW
PCB Thickness 0.4-8mm
PCB Warpage Max 1%
Transport Height 900+/-40mm
Transport Direction L to R / R to L /L to L/R to R
Transport Speed 1500mm/s(max) and program control speed
Transport way One stage
Conveyor width adjustment Auto adjust
PCB location Support system Magnetic PIN/Support Block/Manual UP-Down table
Clamping system side clamping /Vacuum Nozzle
Print head Two independent motorised print heads
Squeegee Pressure 0.5-30kg (program control)
Print Speed  5-150mm/ sec
Print Mode One/twice printing
Cleaning System Roller ethanol daub device, dry,wet,vacuum three modes
CCD FOV 8*6mm
Machine adjustment X: +/-10mm, Y:+/-10mm,
Vision system Look Up/ Down Optics Structure/CCD/ Geometry Pattern-match
Control Method PC control
Machine Dimensions 1600L*1550*1550mm, 1500kg
Machine Specifications:
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm
Cycle Time <8sec
Product Changeover Old Process:<3mins    
New Process set up :<5mins
Air supply   4-6kgf/cm2
Power supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ,2.5KW
Control Method PC Control
Operating system Windows XP/Win7

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