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LED Solder paste printer and LED screen printing machine mainly applying soldering paste, which is made of tin particles and flux, to the LED panel. And let the the LED chip be soldered.

Product Details
Soldering paste is one of the first steps in the SMT assembly process,Soldering paste is “printed” on the boards using the silk-screen method. When the PCB solder paste printer finish the component soldering, the PCB boards are transferred to the SMT assembly line, where the components will be soldered.
S1200 model LED soldering paste printer with the most economic and high precision and can suitable for mass  production of LED strips and lamps. PCB board is faxed on flexible working stable, the stable can hold single size and double-size circuit board
1.Japanese high precision motor and liner guiderail to make scraper seat more stable.
2. Double squeegees, pressure can be adjustable, precision throttle valve setting the speed of squeegee's up and down to avoid Resonance.
3. squeegee seat can lift forward for 45°.and fix to help download of squeegee and clean of frame and stencil.
4. the head part of printing can move towards and fix to match the drawing of frame and stencil for better printing effect.
5. the space of working stable and frame is on the same level, cooperating with micro-adjusting handle for setting adjustment.
6. machinery arm can be adjusted for different sizes of circuit board of 650—1200mm
7. groove and position PIN on working stable, sample set and fast change, suitable for single and double-size board production.
8. correction uses working arm (steel) to move, cooperating with board (on stable) X.Y.Z, correction and adjust is fast and accurately.
9. electronic movement uses micro-computer PLC control, human-computer touch panel control, single or double time, manual or automatic printing is optional.
10. CE certified
Item LED screen printing machine scope of application
Model number S400             S600 S1200
Dimensions(L*W*H) 850*670*1550mm 1000*670*1550mm 1650*670*1550mm
Platform Size 320*500mm 320*600mm 320*1300mm
PCB Size 280*400mm 280*550mm 280*1250mm
Template Size 550*680mm 550*835mm 550*1480mm
Cutting speed 0-8000mm/Min
PCB thickness 0-100mm
PCB tuning range Front/side +10mm
Power supply 1 Pac 220V 50/60Hz
Platform Height 850+/-20mm
Repeatability +/-0.01mm
Positioning mode Outside/ Reterence hole
Weight Approx.270Kg Approx.290Kg Approx.380Kg

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