ASC-509 Depaneling machine for separation PCB circuit boards from ASCEN technology are the high-performance cutting machines,It uses motorized V cutter bit to separate the material of the PCB.
This ASC-508 model is the blade moving PCB separator that can quickly and economically separate small and large PCBs, with an upper circular blade and a lower linear blade. The conveyor belt deposits separated PCBs individually and further transports them a side.
1. PCB depanelizerspeed adjustable, high as 500mm/s, and low as 300mm/s,higher speed can improve cutting result, make the boards away from burr.
2. PCB depaneling length is 0 to 500mm and 0 to 360mm (blade length can be customized)blade height slight adjustment in 0 to 2mm, platform height adjustable in 0 to 50mm,to fit PCB of different thickness ,and solve the problem of different V-slot depth
3. Manually Set the position to stop automatically according to specific length of the PCB.
4. The stress is small, so the PCB board is separated without damaging the electronic components.
5. It is easy to operate and can be used without training.
6. Double protection, if the safety line is exceeded, the PCB separator will stop.
7. Suitable for cutting various double-sided PCB boards with components.Conveyor belt can automatically transfer the separated PCB to the next station.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

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