Manual PCB depaneling machine use for separating printed circuit board without stressing the boards,circuits,or components,ASCEN manual PCB separators is one of the best PCB depaneling equipment.After soldering the PCBA plate of connecting pieces,it often hurts lines or breaks the electronic parts when breaking.moving pizza cutter PCB depaneling adopts the latest blade-type light weight design, which completes the micro-shear stress cutting stroke at one time.It use for aluminum substrate,FR4,CEM-1,MCPCB multiple type material,manual PCB separator can suitable for cutting PCB panel with Max.25mm height component and without the bend and twist with high durability and long life time.

*The round knife rolls to cut the pcbs to guarantee that the electronic components are not hurt.
*The speed of the knife can be adjusted manually.
*The gap between the round knife and straight knife can be adjusted accurately.
*Minimize the cutting press to avoid solder crack.
*This manual moving cutter PCB separator can be customized via the PCB length.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology
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