Solder dross separator tin waste slag recovery machine use special stirring system to melt the tin residues in the tin container and separate tin and ash in the separation container by the high speed of screw rotation.This solder recycling equipment not only provides a considerable savings cost,but has the added benefit of being right in your own manufacturing environment.
Activates the specific weight of the materials that have to be separated by tin waste slag recovery system.before the first time use the tin slag recovery machine,we need disassembly the top device of tin waste slag recycling equipment and then put in 20kg of tin bar inside the solder recycling equipment. And then reinstall the top device.when the solder dross separator working,the tin slag recycle equipment will turns the tin bar into liquid tin.after the tin slag is filtered by the solder dross recycle device process,the reusable alloy settles in the lower section of the pot while the dross floats on the surface.The reusable have identical characteristic to the present alloy captured in the solder pot.
solder dross recovery machinesolder dross recycling machine
The tin waste slag recycle equipment will automate output the solder dross ash to the junk the meantime,store the separated tin in the material receiving box.Once the material receiving box is full,the tin slag recovery machine solder dross waste extract system will alarm and stop working until the operator come and release the tin.Once the operator open the discharge knob,the tin will flow to the bottom tin box,you need manual close the discharge knob if the tin box is full and wait the next release.after ten minute,the liquid tin in the tin box will curdle until became the tin bar.the solder dross separator equipment finish the whole solder dross recycling and then the operator can take the tin bar to the wave soldering machine for reuse.
tin slag separatortin slag recovery machine
The accessories list as following:
1)2 pieces of tin box(use for replace when using)
2)2 pieces of junk box(use for replace when using)
3)1 pieces of screw rob(use for turn the discharge knob)
SMT tin waste slag recycle equipment systems video manual:
Step1:Disassembly the top device of solder dross separator and put in 20kg of tin bar inside the solder recycling machine.
Please check this video link to see the operation:
Step 2: Reinstall the top device 
Please check this video link to see the operation:
Step 3: About how to use this ASCEN solder dross recovery system  to separator your tin slag 
Please check the video link to see how to set this solder dross separator:
Step 4: About the field use demonstration of solder dross recovery machine: