PCB inspection is an essential element in any electronics manufacturing process. The ASCEN PCB optical inspection machine enables faults to be detected as soon after the manufacture process as possible. AOI, automatic optical inspection machine use visual methods to monitor printed circuit boards for defects. PCB inspection machine are able to detect a variety of surface feature defects such as nodules, scratches and stains as well as the more familiar dimensional defects such as open circuits, shorts and thinning of the solder. They can also detect incorrect components, missing components and incorrectly placed components. As such they are able to perform all the visual checks performed previously by manual operators, and far more swiftly and accurately. 

PCB inspection manually meant that many faults were not spotted and passed on into the next stage of production undetected. Choose inline auto PCB optical inspection system connect the PCB buffer machine to be a intelligent production line. that can auto separate the bad PCB board on the SMT assembly line.