This is the ASCEN customized ASC-900 model, this PCB depaneling equipment mainly designed for complex and easy to deform circuit boards during in the large mass production,this machine with the automatic feeding unit and high precision positioning device.the separator can fastening the V-cut during the PCB depaneling.don't need worry about the PCB piece fall off the V-cut,don't need worry about the PCB  with the space of can quickly finish the depaneling process,about 5 sec to output one PCB panel, one hours can output 720 pieces of PCB panel.

The PCB splitter
 can be customized to different function and specification according multiple stype PCB can choose the online version and connect to your SMT production for achieve the fully automation depaneling. you also can choose the off line version and depaneling according the manual feeding.of course,if your PCB panel has the V-cut line on the Y direction and X direction,please click here double direction V-cut PCB depaneling equipment, to see the video detail.

If your machine only has the V-cut on Y direction or X direction. please refer the following both PCB will find a solution that suitable for your PCB panel.

ASCEN PCB depaneler machine ASC-508 model:

ASCEN PCB depaneling machine ASC-900-H model :

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

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